Protecting your Automotive Electronics 

Centre of Competence on Automotive Security

The centre of competence on automotive security engineering offers tailored security solutions for automotive manufacturers, suppliers and engineering service providers to cope with every emerging security challenge. Remote computer attacks through wireless interfaces are a present and common danger to the security, privacy and safety of cars, systems and passengers. Accordingly, security engineering has become another key capability for developing safe, secure, and trustworthy car systems. Automotive security solutions protect car systems and keep attackers from putting safety, privacy, intellectual properties, and business cases at risk, preventing significant costs through reputation damage, call-backs, and product liability.


  • Security solutions tailored to automotive engineering processes and needs
  • Projects with skilled engineers and senior security experts
  • Customizing security life cycle for the automotive industry

Automotive Security

Solutions For The Automotive Security Life Cycle

The centre of competence on automotive security assists you in fitting your processes, equipment and staff for the development of secure vehicle electronics.

Skilled engineers protect intellectual properties, products and business.

Threats & Risk Analysis
Analyse, identify and rate the most critical threats, assets, and security goals.

Security Requirements Engineering
Specifying security requirements for product lines.

Security Concept
Design secure architectures and countermeasures.

Security Implementation
Standard-conforming implementation of technical controls and security-critical software.

Security Testing
Validation and verification of software and systems against security goals, requirements and concepts in automotive context.

Security Response
Support, maintain and repair security-critical systems and software in the field.

Senior experts gear up processes, methods and tools for security.

Trends & Emerging Threats Analysis
Security reports condense and filter threats and solutions posted on Internet platforms, forums and publications.

Security & Privacy Process Management
Senior security experts ease evolving processes towards developing secure products.

Security Quality Assessments
Software quality and security experts assess requirements, designs, code and test-cases for securityrelevant quality issues and summarise results in quality reports.

Testing and Radio Technology
Testing wireless interfaces and traffic for vulnerabilities demands wireless testing tools and products (e.g.MESSINA, TESTONA) adapted to the needs of automotive E/E development.


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Examples of our Security Services

  • Manipulation & Privacy Protection
  • Best Practices Wireless Testing
  • Security Concept Inductive Charging
  • Security Concept Next Generation Infotainment

Automotive Security